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In the last two years, the number of Construction Apprenticeship Schemes programmes in the UK has grown by around 25% according to the latest industry figures from Citb.

More and more young people are taking the vocational route after leaving school by learning a trade.

The concept of apprenticeships provides huge benefits to employers and budding young professionals.

The construction industry, in particular, is ripe to benefit from the implementation of popular apprenticeship schemes, with a record 24,899 people starting construction apprenticeships in 2016 and £57 million in training grants provided to more than 8000 employers.

Developers and agencies around the UK have increasingly turned to construction apprenticeships in order to grow their business, supplement the recruitment process and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

From bricklaying to joinery, the choice of apprenticeships available to young people in the construction industry is wide and more and more construction firms are taking full advantage. 

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Here we’ve highlighted a few of the key ways in which apprenticeship schemes benefit the construction industry.

Simplified Recruitment Process

Every year millions of students leave school in search of jobs and careers. Some of them will have a solid idea of what they want to do and many of them will be looking to learn new skills and start their journey into a career.

Because of increased tuition fees and reductions in the jobs market, many young people are now looking towards apprenticeships instead of university and other forms of higher education.

The idea of learning while getting paid is very appealing, which means employers within the construction industry have little trouble recruiting willing young applicants.

A Fresh Perspective

No matter how long a company has been doing something they can always benefit from new ideas and a fresh perspective.

The world is constantly changing and so is the way the construction industry operates.

Some of the most innovative ideas in the world have come from young people that just need an opportunity.

Construction companies can stand to benefit a lot from the fresh ideas of a keen apprentice.


Paid to Learn

Usually, there are two paths to take when you leave school, pay to stay in education or get paid to work.

A construction apprenticeship offers young people the best of both worlds by allowing them to learn a whole range of new skills while getting paid at the same time.

This means that school-leavers won’t have to feel forced into a job or role they don’t enjoy because of financial worries.

Government Funding Up to 100%

As part of government plans to increase the number of apprenticeships, businesses and companies in the UK are eligible for financial incentives.

If a construction company takes on an apprentice, they may be entitled up to 100% funding to cover the cost of the labour.

This means that they are able to take on new recruits and train them at almost no extra cost.

Ordinarily, it would cost a construction company a lot of time and money to train up new workers. So an apprenticeship is a cost-effective option to increase man power with some financial support.

Specific Training Your Company’s Way

The main benefit of taking on an apprentice over hiring someone from a different company is the ability to train them in the techniques and methods specific to your company.

Training someone from the ground up takes a good amount of time and effort but it means that you can instil in them the same level of standards and professionalism you hold dear.  Ensuring you can register them eventually into the CSCS Certified Contractors Scheme 

Hiring someone who is already trained may save effort but can often result in re-training and varying standards across your business as a whole.

Reduced Staff Churn

There are many construction companies in the UK that have been taking on apprentices for decades.

Many of these young hopefuls have ended up staying with the companies that trained them for their entire career.  In the case of Elite, we have Apprentices working in specialised fields like Bio Mass heating systems and as they qualify they help provide long-term specialist skills for our organisation.

By bringing an apprentice into the business and training them, you create a stronger sense of employee satisfaction and loyalty.

If an apprentice feels part of the team and is comfortable working within your company, they will feel more valued and are more likely to stay long term.

Apprentices Have A Positive Impact to your Bottom Line

On average, an apprenticeship increases productivity in companies by £214 a week.

This means that construction companies can actually increase revenue by taking on an apprentice.

As of 2016, employers are not required to pay National Insurance Contributions for any apprentices under the age of 25.

Recent polls have shown that many existing companies believe that their apprentices directly impacted their bottom line and helped to maximise profits.


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