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Construction Apprenticeship Schemes

The Benefits Of Construction Apprenticeship Schemes – Elite

by Ricky Kershaw • 22/09/2017
The Benefits Of Construction Apprenticeship Schemes - Elite In the last two years, the number of Construction Apprenticeship Schemes programmes in the UK has grown by around 25% according to the latest industry figures from Citb. More and more young people are taking the vocational route after leaving school by learning a trade. The concept of apprenticeships provides huge [...]

CSCS Certified Contractors

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire CSCS Certified Contractors? – Elite

by Ricky Kershaw • 21/09/2017
5 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire CSCS Certified Contractors? - Elite Thousands of people every year fall victim to cowboy contractors  - untrained workmen who don’t have the necessary skills to complete the job properly. To arrange an appointment with one of our Electronics consultants simply click here to get started. If you’re investing a lot [...]