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Industrial boiler lifespan

Demystifying the Average Lifespan of an Industrial Boiler – Elite

by Ricky Kershaw • 22/08/2017
Demystifying the Average Lifespan of an Industrial Boiler  There is often a lot of confusion around industrial boilers, how they work and what the most effective ways of maintaining them are. To arrange an appointment with one of our Mechanical Engineering consultants, simply click here to get started. Calculating your ROI From The Initial Upfront [...]

Dry Risers

Keeping Student Accommodation Safe with Dry Risers – Elite

by Ricky Kershaw • 14/08/2017
Keeping Student Accommodation Safe with Dry Risers The Need For Security & Safety Measures The big rise in private student accommodation developments in the UK has led to a number of improvements and developments in security and safety measures. There are now more student accommodation buildings than ever across Britain, which means that developers and [...]

Future Proof

Thinking ahead 5 ways to Future Proof Your Next Development

by Ricky Kershaw • 31/07/2017
Thinking ahead – 5 ways to future proof your next development Maximise Your Potential Use As a developer, you want to future proof your next development. Changes in market trends and fluctuating material costs mean that the architecture and construction industries are always changing. If you’re planning a new development project then it’s vital that [...]


How Will Brexit Impact The Energy Market?

by Ricky Kershaw • 24/07/2017
How will Brexit impact the energy market? The historic Brexit referendum happened just over a year ago and in the months since then, Article 50 has been triggered, formally starting the process of the UK leaving the EU bloc. The referendum result, which shocked many, was unprecedented and there are no case studies to compare [...]

Biomass Heating

The Advantages of Biomass Heating

by Ricky Kershaw • 15/07/2017
The advantages of biomass heating Whether you’re investigating heating solutions for a contemporary block of student flats or a conservative care home, there are many different options to consider. Biomass should be one of them. As gas and oil prices increase, more businesses are looking for an alternative heating choice that’s affordable and functional, leading [...]

Top Money Saving Tips For The Home Owner

Top Money Saving Tips For The Home Owner

by Ricky Kershaw • 27/04/2017
Top Money Saving Tips For the Homeowner To achieve top money saving tips for the homeowner, having a good understanding of our everyday expenses of running our home, we can make informed decisions of where can save. Our home actually never stops costing us money, so minimizing this could be in all our interests. There [...]

Energy Efficiency

What Every Developer Needs To Know About Energy Efficiency

by Ricky Kershaw • 28/03/2017
Having an incorrect spec around energy efficiency can cost you big time. In this blog post, I'm going to share with you, my professional opinion, how I see so many installs incorrectly specified on the system and appliances, that can not only give you problems at the install stage but also further down the line. [...]

elite-mechincal-electrical-services new website

Welcome to our New Website!

by Ricky Kershaw • 19/02/2017

Over the last 6 months we have been busy working behind the scenes on our new brand and website and we are excited to share the results with you. Our business has grown dramatically over the last few years and it was important that our marketing reflected that. We have even more exciting plans moving […]