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Thousands of people every year fall victim to cowboy contractors  – untrained workmen who don’t have the necessary skills to complete the job properly.

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If you’re investing a lot of money into a development or building project, it’s important that you get the best quality service available to ensure that you get a return on your investment.

If the contractor you hire doesn’t complete the work to a safe and sufficient standard, you may end up having to pay even more money out further down the line for repairs.

In order for a contractor to prove they have the skills, knowledge and capability to complete jobs within the construction industry, many of them apply for a CSCS card. (you can apply for a CSCS card at this official website here)

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a leading organisation within the UK aimed at further legitimising contracting companies.

By successfully applying for a CSCS card, contractors can prove to clients that they have, or are in the process of acquiring, recognised construction qualifications.

If you’re planning an upcoming development project it’s vital that you hire the right people for the job.

Hiring a CSCS certified contractor is the best way to ensure your work gets done in a safe and timely manner. Here are some of the reasons why you should always look for a CSCS card when procuring contractors and this can also include avoiding common problems when developing buildings

Quality of A Professional Service

When you hire a contractor, whether it’s a team of builders, plumbers or electricians, it’s vital that you receive the best service possible and advice, whether that’s future proofing your development or working with you on the best solution?.

You want to make sure that the people you’re working with hold themselves to the same professional standards that you do.

Organising and project managing a building development can be very complicated and stressful, so hiring CSCS certified contractors will ensure that you are dealing with professionals who will operate effectively and allow the whole process to run smoothly.

The Skill Input Drives the Quality Output

The most important thing for any developer working on a new project is to make sure that the end result is of high quality.

In the same way that if you bought insufficient materials your building would be of low quality- if you use unskilled contractors your building may not be up to the standard you need it to be.

Contractors and workers that carry a CSCS card have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they have all of the necessary skills and qualifications in their field of work.

Everyone applying for a CSCS card has to go through a strict set of tests before they are awarded the certification. This ensures they are capable and competent professionals.

CSCS Cards are SMART cards with chips embedded in them that stores information on the contractor’s identity, their qualifications and training.


 Unrivalled Value for Money

It’s important for any project manager to minimise overheads and reduce the overall cost of a development but it’s equally as important to get good value for money, even if that means spending a little extra, for example, you could install a different plant room powered by a Biomass heating system, the costs may be a little higher at the outset but will be more cost efficient to run and pay for itself many times over.

Balancing quality service and premium products with reasonable financial expenditure is vital for the success of any project.

Sometimes hiring CSCS approved contractors can be more costly because of the certified premium service they offer.

Depending on your specific development it may be a good idea to budget a little extra to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money.

It may seem easier to cut corners and opt for a cheaper contracting service but you may end up spending more money in the long run if the work is not completed to a quality standard and you have to regularly pay for repairs or refurbishments.

True Accountability

There are a lot of cases where things may go wrong and the development process doesn’t go to plan.

No matter how careful you are in picking your contractor and how meticulous those contractors are, there is always the risk that something will happen and your build development will suffer as a result.

In the event that this problem does raise its head, it is vital that there is accountability in order to rectify the problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Hiring CSCS certified contractors gives you peace of mind knowing you can air any concerns or complaints you may have under the umbrella of a professional organisation.  To check if your contractor is CSCS registered you can check that here 

Contact the CSCS

Helpdesk on 0344 994 4777 and it is open 8am to 6pm

Email: customerservice@cscs.co.uk

Address: CSCS, PO Box 114, Bircham Newton, King’s Lynn, PE31 6XD

Ethical Standards Focus

There are a lot of questionable contracting services on the market that don’t always operate in a professional or ethical way.

It’s important to vet potential contractors carefully to ensure you’re hiring the best people for the job, but that can be time-consuming and difficult considering how many options there are to choose from.

Hiring from the CSCS database cuts out all of the work involved with head-hunting contractors and lets you rest easy knowing that you’re partnering with companies that operate ethically and professionally.

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